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Instrument Repairs
Clarinets, Saxophones, Flutes, Oboes, Bassoons
Crack pinning jigs ready for shipment

Crack pinning with lifetime warranty
Repair procedures & tools developed and used by MK Woodwinds
Swedging pliers - tools used for refitting of worn out keys
Spring remover
Professional flute repair
Successful installation of Straubinger pads requires very high degree of precision in tone hole preparation
Flute cup
 leveling pliers
Ready for shipment to North Carolina
Special order destined for Indianapolis
Open hole flute - grommet remover

Crack repair
Tenon expender.
Keywork  modification
Pads and materials used by MK Woodwinds are of the finest quality and come from European and American manufacturers
Repair studio
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1921 Buescher Alto saxophone restored to its original condition.
Instruments recently overhauled
  Longitudinal crack pinning.
 Reliable method of repairing broken tenons
1940 Martin Freres bass clarinet restored for New York customer.
Yamaha flute completely overhauled
Student model Yamaha clarinet brought back to its new-like condition
V. KOHLERT (Graslitz) wooden flute
Clarinet restoration 
Buescher Alto Saxophone 1920 just restored
King "C-Melody" 1911. The H.N. White & Co.
Albert system F. Wurlitzer
​Oliver Candy  clarinets, simplified version of Boehm system.

The ideal clarinet for beginners.
​Now available exclusively from MK. Woodwinds.
The Latest in Clarinet  Development  and Design